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Coffee Hour Hosts

Coffee Hour Hosts for September 2013- June 2014



Fair Trade Coffee and Tea

When you drink coffee or tea at Potsdam Presbyterian, you are participating in the Mission work of our church. We purchase Fair Trade coffee and tea as part of the Presbyterian (PCUSA) Coffee Project. The business practices of Equal Exchange enable small-scale farmers across the world to earn a fair price for their products, have access to affordable credit, and invest in education, health care, and sustainable agriculture, building a better future for their communities.

Now, Our Purchases Count Twice

Equal Exchange has expanded their good works. In addition to supporting long-term committed relationships with small-scale coffee farmers around the world, they have chosen12 related projects to fund. One project was chosen for each denomination that participates in the coffee project. For the PCUSA, our purchases help to fund The Road to Life Yard-Papaye, an organization that supports integrated sustainable agricultural development program in Haiti. Their projects promote organic farming and maintaining the growth of trees.

Please continue to support the purchase of Fair Trade beverages!

Last year donations exceeded the cost of the coffee and teas we purchased. This year, donations about were about $439.02. Thanks to all who have contributed. If you would like to donate the cost of a case of coffee or tea, each case of five pounds of regular coffee costs $38.40, de-caffeinated coffee is $44.40, and a case of six boxes of tea costs $16.50. You may put your donations in the donation basket during coffee hour or put a check in the offering plate, making sure to designate the check memo to Fair Trade Coffee Fund.

Schabergs serve coffee

Kitchen Help is Always Appreciated!
If it is NOT your day to do coffee, but you see where you can step in and help those in the kitchen, please do just that!

celebrating 50 years

If you would like to volunteer to host an available (hosts needed) coffee hour, please contact the church secretary.

It is a good idea to call your co-host (if you have one) a week or so in advance to be sure you are both able to prepare and serve on your scheduled day.  If you are unable to do so, please find someone to take your place. It is usually easiest to call someone on the list in the next week or two and simply switch Sundays with them. If there is a change in your assigned day, please find a replacement and then contact Cindy (our secretary)  phone: 265-3494 or email: ), so she can update the list and put the correct names in the Sunday worship bulletin. Thank you for taking the time to host coffee hour.

 If you are new to hosting, or don't know how to use the coffee machine, or just need to refresh your memory as to what you need to do, please refer to the COFFEE HOUR HOST INSTRUCTIONS.



Below is the schedule of coffee hour hosts for September 2013 – June 2014. Some dates still need to be filled, so please volunteer to host one of those days. If you are scheduled to host by yourself, feel free to ask someone to host with you. This is a good way to reach out to new people in the congregation and give them an opportunity to get involved.

You may also notice many of the second Sunday spots are assigned to the various church committees. We look forward to seeing our committee members and finding out about what they do to support our church.

September 2013

1 - TBA 
15 - Mary Theisen & Clint Porter, Gordy Theisen
22 - Neil & Marilyn Johnson; Robert & Roberta Stillin-Dowman 
29 - Sarah & Martin Manley, Robin & Brian Wilkinson

October 2013

6 - Don Borsh & Meg Trainor, Help needed 
13 - Stewardship Committee
20 - Joanne & Dick Partch, Vernice Church
27 - Sharon & Bob Pickard, Josie & Kirk Severtson

November 2013

3 - Victor & Linda Caamaño, Help needed 
10 - Deacons
17 - Sue Waters & Family, Help needed
24 - THANKSGIVING WEEKEND - Needs hosts 

December 2013

1 - FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Mission Committee
8 - Peggy & Don Burlingame, Kathy & Gordon Batson 
15 - Needs hosts  
22 - Joyce & Steve Yianokos
29 - Dawn Bartow, Danielle Grant, Michael Bartow

January 2014

5 - Personnel Committee  
12 - Cynthia Coleman, help needed 
19 - Helen Brouwer, Eva Barrett, Elisabeth Eno
26 - ANNUAL MEETING, followed by SOUP AND BREAD LUNCHEON, Congregational Life Committee

February 2014

2 - Worship and Music Committee
9 - Hosts needed 
16 - Sharon Warren, Shirley & Lynn Warden
23 - Devon & Debbie Shipp, Marion Shelton & Charlene Spieler

March 2014

2 - Shirley & Lynn Warden / Sharon Warren  
9 - Nominating Committee
16 - Jennifer & Reggie Mc Donald, Help needed
23 - Victor & Linda Caamaño, Dave & Jane Wells 
30 - Carolyn Zanta & Rob Ewy

April 2014

6 - Louise and Martin Heintzelman, Help needed
13 - PALM SUNDAY PANCAKE BREAKFAST - Congreational Life Committee
20 - EASTER - Session
27 - John & Nok Lindsay

May 2014

4 - Joyce & Steve Yianoukos, Help needed  
11 - Finance Committee
18 - Bob & Sharon Pickard
25 - Bob & Betty Fraser

June 2014

1 - Hosts needed 
8 - HERITAGE SUNDAY – Buildings and Grounds Committee 
15 - Sue Waters, Peggy & Don Burlingame
22 - Robin & Brian Wilkinson / Sarah and Marty Manley
29 - Hosts needed

July 2014

6 - Hosts needed 
13 - Hosts needed 
20 - Hosts needed
27 -  Hosts needed

August 2014

3 - Hosts needed 
10 - Hosts needed
17 - Hosts needed
24 - Hosts needed