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Deacons Corner - a note (January 2014)

Hospital Visits: Members of the congregation are requested to inform any Deacon or the church office if they know of an individual who has been hospitalized and would like to be visited by a Deacon. Share the names as soon as possible to expedite the visitation process and help the person feel connected to their church family while they are ill.

Prayer Chain: The Deacons continue to maintain a prayer chain. If you have specific requests, please contact any deacon or Cindy Bowen at the church office 265-9434.

Head Start Jubilee A Success: The deacons are pleased to announce the Jubilee for the Head Start families was a big success. Thanks to everyone's donations and help, we were able to provide gift bags filled with hats, mittens, and books to over 27 families, meaning over 65 children! The children had fun on Saturday afternoon, December 14, making their own ornaments, attending a service in the sanctuary, and eating tons of goodies. Thank you to everyone who helped!

Easter Jubilee 
This program focuses on distributing food boxes containing a variety of fresh, canned and boxed food to senior citizens in our community. The congregation is invited to join in. Each week for four Sundays we ask the congregation to contribute some of the non-perishable items. Items should be placed in the boxes by the coat racks. For more information talk to Barbara Baker or any Deacon.
February: canned corn or beans; tuna fish (water packed)
March: macaroni/cheese (box); chicken noodle or vegetable soup (reduced sodium preferred)
March: Jello - small box, low sugar preferred; instant pudding - small box, low sugar; box of tea bags, regular black tea

More Information will be coming soon. Watch and listen for other ways you can help with Jubilee Easter. The Deacons thank you in advance for your support.

Winter Clothing Drive NEWS  
Congratulations to all who donated winter clothing to our Mission project. The clothing you donated was beautiful! Very little of it needed cleaning. We delivered over two huge boxes to the Middle School for distribution -- coats, mittens, hats, boots, scarfs. Along with a similar project at SUNY Potsdam, collections were terrific. With the weather we've been having, the timing was perfect! We're confident that the Holiday Fund, with their new winter clothing gifts, and the SUNY/FPCP recycled clothing contributions have made everyone warmer this Winter!.

Hospital Visits

Members of the congregation are requested to inform any Deacon or the church office if they know of an individual who has been hospitalized and would like to be visited by a Deacon. Sharing the names as soon as possible will expedite the visitation process and help the person feel connected to their church family while they are ill. There is now a schedule of assigned Deacons for visiting during the fall.

COUNTERS: Each Sunday there should be two unrelated counters. If you trade ahead of time with someone on the list please let Cindy or Ranota know. If your partner in counting is not present please ask someone who is familiar with the counting to help. There is a direction sheet to follow on top of the file cabinet.

Prayer Chain

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Colassae he mentioned immediately (I:3) that he and Timothy had been praying for the folk there. In chapter four of the same letter he requested that the congregation of that church pray in turn for him and Timothy.

Prayer was an important part of their daily lives as they went about serving the Lord. we too have opportunities (and responsibility) to pray for one another.

The Deacons maintain a prayer chain.  If you have specific requests for prayers for yourself or others, please call Pastor Deborah or Secretary Cindy Bowen at 265-9494.

Meals for Moms Continues.  Attention all cooks! Participate in the “Meals for Moms” program. We need your help. To help care for new moms in the congregation, the Deacons would like to provide some meals for the moms and their families. This is where you come in. If you are able to cook (or purchase) and deliver a meal, please put your name on the “Meals for Moms” sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside the church office. Or you could also contact Dianne Morrison (265-4890) and tell her you are willing to provide a meal. Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait to be called by a deacon who is coordinating the Meals for Moms program. Thank you for your willingness to provide some TLC!

Triad Transportation - The TRIAD Bus is here and now requires drivers to get our Senior Citizens and disabled persons about town to churches, doctor appointments, etc. If you have 2 hours a week or even 2 hours a month and are willing to drive the 6 passenger bus please e-mail Shirley Warden at or call her at 265-4104. The only requirements are a clean driver's license, over the age of 25 and a desire to help!! No special license is required.

The PCUSA Book of Order describes the characteristics of a deacon as follows:

“The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgments should be chosen for this office…”

To be asked to be a deacon is an honor. To be asked to be a deacon for Potsdam’s First is a special honor. The work our deacons have done in the past has been a source of inspiration even to others outside our doors. They chose to do the Lord’s work and truly fit the description above.

 * * *

A NEW STAR for Christmas 2010. A newly constructed star has been made by the welding expertise of members of Clarkson's Steel Bridge (National Competition) team and advisors.  A new rope was strung through the pulleys on high in the steeple by Joe Randi and helper Enos Miller. The new star has been equipped with more lights than the old star had. It was raised on high on November 23 by Dick Partch, two of his students Jim Touchette and Jon Samson, and Dave Powers, ready for lighting on the first day of advent (November 28).

Jubilee Easter Preparations 2006

2011 Board of Deacons Report

The Board of Deacons consists of eleven church members who are charged with a ministry of service and compassion. The deacons have been blessed by many congregational members who also contribute to this ministry.

In 2011, the deacons continued their ministry of service and compassion by:

1. Maintaining a prayer ministry for concerns of those in the congregation and the community.
2. Sending get well or condolence cards to people in the congregation and community.
3. Delivering meals to members and friends who are ill or recovering.
4. Distributing Easter Jubilee food boxes to approximately 30 persons in need in the community. The boxes contained a variety of fresh, canned and boxed food.
5. Visiting members and friends who are or were in nursing homes, private homes, or in the hospital.
6. Organizing or assisting in church community dinners.
7. Preparing light refreshments needed for church gatherings throughout the year.
8. Holding Christmas Jubilee for 32 children from 8 families in the community. Families with children aging from newborns to teenagers were given a $45 voucher (per child) at Wal-Mart. The families and church members met on a Saturday morning in December to share worship, fellowship, activities, and lunch. The families also received a box of cookies and hats and mittens/gloves for their children.
9. Starting a winter clothing drive to distribute warm outer-wear for people in the Hopkinton, NY area.
10. Meeting jointly with the Session. Throughout 2011, the Board of Deacons explored new ways to serve the church and community and to make its ministry effective.

Respectfully submitted
Dianne Morrison, Acting Moderator