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God's Church

New Office Equipment (Spring 2013). The church office has been recently graced with replacement copy machine and computer. The 7 year old copier had a planned replacement because it could not get replacement parts. The computer had been basically chugging and wheezing along for the past 2 years and crashing or freezing several times per day, and most recently this became an emergency replacement need. Complete details are in the July Parish Paper for your convenience. And please feel free to stop in for a demo of their marvels!


Kitchen Patrol: sign on cabinet doorTo make the kitchen more user friendly, the Ladies Guild has posted content signs on all the drawers and cabinet doors. The group inspects the refrigerator every two weeks and cleans the kitchen from top to bottom periodically. They could use your help to keep the kitchen in "apple pie" order!

Caretaking God's Church

Campaign Goal
$200,000 by 2012


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Stewardship, Wills and Memorials

This ministry celebrates the time, talents and treasures of the congregation. The amazing amount and variety of time and energy given to the community, and the great strides made towards closing the budget gap, are but two examples.

Future projects will focus on the talents and time of the congregation and how these can be utilized to meet the rising opportunities for providing service and programs. (More Stewardship, Wills and Memorials News)


Buildings and Grounds

Task Force for Roof Repair

The Session has determined a significant need for repair and replacement of the church roof.  To this end, a Task Force was formed to study the options for this replacement.  Currently a major campaign to replace the old roof is underway. In June, 2009 the first part of the roof repair will be undertaken.  (More Buildings and Grounds News)