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Personnel and Volunteer Staff

Office Phone: 265-9434

(For emergency contact Information, see below)

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Parish Paper/Website announcements/articles/photos about church community events, general articles relating to our church activities or missions, special thanks, or information about our church family that needs to be shared should be submitted for publication in the monthly Parish Paper by 2 pm on the last Thursday before the last full week of each month (Send a submission to the church now.); they may be submitted to the web site at any time. (Send a submission to the web manager now.)

Church Office Hours:

Need details

If you need anything outside of these hours, please don’t hesitate to leave a message or send an email.

Pastor’s Drop-In Office Hours:

  • Need Details.
  • The Pastor will be in the office during these times, except in case of emergencies. When possible, she will post on her door a message telling when she will be back in.

Sexton’s Hours:

Mornings: Monday – Friday

Church Email Address:


Church Office (located in the Church Center):

Office phone: 315-265-9434

In case of a personal emergency: If you have a pressing situation that needs action contact: Rev. Deborah Packard: 585-703-0987

In case of a building emergency: If you have a pressing church building situation that needs action contact:

  • Ron Kaiser (sexton): 315-379-9863 (Ron works at Potsdam First Presbyterian Church mornings M-F;  or
  • Rev. Deborah Packard: 585-703-0987 (cell)


We are located at 42 Elm Street in Potsdam, NY at the wedge shaped intersection of State Rt. 11 (Lawrence Avenue) and State Rt. 11B (Elm Street).

Handicap Accessibility:

The church building itself is accessible for the handicapped; there is ramp access in the covered passageway which connects the church building to the Center, and there is a center aisle special pew that will accommodate a wheelchair. The Center is also handicap accessible; there is a motorized chair lift on the stairs and a handicapped restroom in this building. Four handicap parking spaces are available in the small lot adjacent to the buildings.


Limited parking, including handicap parking, is available in the small lot behind the church buildings; the entrance to this lot is off of Lawrence Avenue (Hwy 11). Parking is also available along both sides of Elm Street (Hwy 11B). Parking is permitted in the large parking lot across from the church (on the Elm Street side of the church) on Sundays and evenings.