News for the Church, 11/05/21

Good afternoon, Church!

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside. Are your cats laying in the sun beams? Are you sitting in the sun beams? 

Here’s today’s news: 

Daylight Savings Time

Tomorrow night daylight savings time ends. Make sure you turn your clock back an hour– otherwise you’ll be an hour early for Sunday worship! 

2022 Pledges

It’s time to start thinking about your pledge for the coming year. Next week Dale Hobson, our trusty stewardship chair, will be sending a letter to you in the snail mail asking you to consider your giving for 2022. Will you be in prayer about what God is calling you to give this coming year? 

We’re hoping that you’ll be able to return these pledge forms by the end of November. The reason being– Session will be putting together a budget in December for the coming year, and we need to know what we have to work with financially. 

PIC Game Night

The Potsdam Interfaith Community, which we participate in, will be hosting its annual Game Night at our church on Thursday, December 9th at 6:30pm. Folks from the congregations that participate in PIC are invited to come and play board games in the Center. Would you like to join in the fun? We’re going to spread tables out across the room and have different games going on in all the corners. 

*Masks will be required. 

Another Round of Care Packages for Nurses at CPH

Remember the wonderful care packages we put together for the 3rd floor Med Serg unit at the hospital last month? PIC has decided to do one more round of appreciation for nurses and janitors at the hospital for the holiday season. Would you be able to bring in a few more granola bars, nuts, candies, chocolates, and dried fruits on December 12th? (There’s a $5 limit per bag, so we don’t need to go crazy on items.)

We will stick around after the service that Sunday to assemble the care packages and write our notes of appreciation. 

If you remember, one of the nurses from our unit actually came to church the next Sunday to say how much they appreciated this gift– so we know that we’re bringing joy to their lives! 

Holiday Blues? 

Friends, the holidays are growing near. Sometimes this season is welcomed in our lives, and other times it’s not. If you’re one of those folks who isn’t looking forward to celebrating the holidays, just know that you’re not alone. This is a time when our greatest sorrows often rise to the surface. And it’s a time when our family conflicts can start to rub in uncomfortable ways. 

Today I invite you to consider what you need to do to help care for yourself in the next six weeks. Do you need to work on a relationship? Do you need to say “no” to an invitation? Do you need to say “yes” to doing something different? If your current holiday traditions don’t serve you or the needs of your family, you have the opportunity to do something that does. God gives us the ability to make changes for ourselves when we need them. God created us to be adapters! So put some thought into what would be life-giving this holiday season, and then may God give you the courage to seek it out. 

I hope to see you at worship this Sunday!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Katrina