News for the Church 3/18/22

Good Day to you, Church!

Did you have the chance to revel in yesterday’s glorious sunshine and warm weather? I sure hope so! It’s amazing to be able to see the bare earth again, after being hidden by the snow for the last 3 months. Make sure you take a moment this week to take in a deep breath of the earthy, wet smells of early spring. What a gift they are. 

Here’s the news for the week: 

Keilor Kastella’s Faculty Recital This Sunday

If you love to listen to Keilor play piano, you’ll have a chance to attend his first faculty recital at Hosmer Hall this Sunday, March 20th at 7:30pm. Keilor brings such depth to our worship through music, and I can only imagine that his recital will be just as moving. 

Shift in Covid Protocols

Session met this last week and discussed changes to our current covid protocols at the church. Since Covid numbers have dropped significantly in our county– from extreme levels to moderate levels– we’d like to begin bringing back some important aspects of church that we’ve had to set aside during the pandemic. 

Beginning the Sunday after Easter, April 24th, we will add Passing the Peace back into our worship time and we will resume having coffee hour in the Center! In addition to this, we will resume hosting monthly dates for the men’s and women’s lunches (as long as the Pickards, or someone else, are willing to organize them). Huzzah!! Hooray!! 

Now, about masking. Session also discussed the possibility of making masking optional during worship. Since worship is the most important part of our church life together, and Session feels that everyone— including immuno-compromised people– should be able to feel safe coming to worship, at this time we are going to continue with our masking protocol during our worship services. This decision is not meant to punish those who do not like wearing masks. Neither is this about restricting freedom. This is about creating access for people with certain physical disabilities– to allow them to participate in in-person worship while Covid numbers are still at moderate levels. It’s about making sure that everyone who desires to come to worship is able to do so. Does that make sense? I recognize that some of us might be frustrated with this decision, but can you see where Session is coming from on this? (Even if you don’t like it?)

That said, Session is hoping that at some in the not-too-distant future, Covid levels in our county will be low enough to allow masks to be optional. We will look at it again at next month’s Session meeting. 

Tax Form for Donations

Have you been wondering where your tax form is that states the amount of your donation to the church? They are on their way to you in the mail, as we speak. 

Recognizing their tardiness, I’d like to ask for your grace in this matter. Cynthia Coleman has been our trusty treasurer for a very long time, and she does amazing work. At this time, however, she has been dealing with difficult health issues– something many of us know about. She’s doing the best she can with what she’s been dealing with. 

This leads me to ask again about the possibility of someone in our congregation being willing to step up and serve as a co-treasurer. Simply put– Cynthia needs help. Our church needs help. If you are comfortable working with numbers, would you be willing to take on a 1-2 hour/week job to help support our church family? 

Arabic Music Presentation

Here’s the link, one more time, for PIC’s upcoming program on Arabic Music, which will be held via zoom on March 24th from 7-8:30pm. 

Zoom link:

Rev. Hinkle to preach 3/27

Please join us for worship on the 27th, as Rich Hinkle brings us a word from the Word. 

A Story of Kindness

This week I want to tell you a short story. Yesterday, as I was making my way to my office at church, I ran into a woman who was bringing little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soaps to leave at the Free Little Pantry. She asked if I had any small baggies, so that she could separate them into single-person bags. 

I invited her into my office, while I scrounged around for some, and we started to chat. She said how wonderful it is that we have this pantry, and how happy she is that she can make donations now. She explained that she’s been homeless for 3 years, living in a camper year-round, and just recently moved into a real home– an apartment at the Quarry (the apartment complex across the street from the church). Now that she’s in a more stable environment, she’s able to give back to others, and it brings her joy to be able to help other people. 

While we were chatting I asked her about what it’s like to live at the Quarry. She said it’s amazing and she’s so grateful for the folks who live there. I also asked her if there’s anything she needs in her new life. She said that she’s looking for a loveseat and really needs a new cell phone because hers is no longer functional. I told her that I’d ask around to see if anyone had a gently used loveseat or cell phone that they’d be willing to donate, and she gave me an email address, to be able to contact her (because her phone doesn’t work). 

We then said our goodbyes, and she left. A few minutes later, however, she popped back in. “Excuse me,” she said. “I don’t mean to bother you, but I just noticed these little flowers blooming, and I wanted you to have them. Aren’t they the most beautiful miniature flowers you’ve ever seen?” With a joy-filled smile on her face, she handed me 4 tiny snowdrop flowers– the first blooms I’ve seen this year. 

This totally made my day. 

Thank you, Joanne, for the snowdrops and the gifts you gave to the Little Free Pantry. You brought the light of God’s goodness to me, to our church, and to the Potsdam community this week! 

Enjoy the beauty of snowdrops and the all the other little secret joys of early spring this week, will you? 

I am too,
Pastor Katrina