News for the Church, 6/4/21

Good Morning Church! 

I returned home from vacation last night after a wonderful week spent with family in Vermont. It does a spirit good to be with extended family sometimes, doesn’t it? I will hope you get a chance to see your loved ones too this summer! 

Today’s newsletter will be short and sweet. 

This Sunday will be our first outdoor coffee hour! 

We will be providing the coffee and tea, but ask that you bring a lawn chair (or retrieve a church chair from the closet) so that no one person is responsible for carting 30 chairs in and out every week. If you bring a lawn chair, feel free to leave your chair in the narthex (the back of the sanctuary), so you don’t have to haul it back and forth from home each week. 

**If you need help getting your chair out to the lawn after the service is over, we do have a couple of young folks who are volunteering to be porters. 

This Sunday we will also be celebrating communion together. 

Presbyterian Men will be meeting at the Village Diner for lunch on June 16th at 11:30am. 

Rummage sale is set for July 9-10! Please bring items to donate on July 6-7. 

Friends, please be in prayer for Helen Brouwer who has been struggling with pneumonia, and for Brian Wilkinson, who is recovering from a serious injury. 

Breathe in some of that sweet summer air this weekend and rejoice, will you? 

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday,
Pastor Katrina