News for the Church, 11/18/22

Good Day to you, Church!

Huzzah! We’re experiencing our first winter wonderland of the season today. The silence of snow is exquisite, isn’t it? And the peacefulness of seeing brilliant white flakes frosting the evergreens sets the world at ease. 

I’m hoping that you were ready for the snow. Do you have your shovels and your snow blowers in working order? Are your backs ready for this? 

Here’s the news for the week: 

A Big Thank You to All who Help with Community Suppers!

As our Community Supper volunteers rev up for Turkey Day, I wanted to give out a shout of thanks. It’s no small thing to set aside your own Thanksgiving plans to make meals for others. Thank you for the love you are offering in the world! You are most appreciated. 

Game Night at Bible Study, Saturday, 11/26

The Bible Study crew at Diamante Maya’s house (8 Hillcrest Drive) invite you to come for a game night next Saturday at 6:30pm. 

Monica Sandreczki to Preach Next Sunday, 11/27

Come worship together and support Monica as she continues to practice her preaching skills next Sunday. 

Sweater Sunday and All-Church Potluck, Sunday, 12/4

Mark your calendars for a special Advent event! Wear your favorite sweater to church on Sunday Dec. 4th and bring a dish to pass. We’ll revel together in the season and enjoy each other’s company over lunch following worship. 

Pledge Cards are Coming

Pledge cards are headed your way soon! Be on the lookout for them beginning next week. They will include a list of what you’ve given to date for this year, and ask you to prayerfully consider what you might be able to give to the church for 2023. 

Giving Tree Coming

After going on hiatus for the pandemic, Potsdam’s Giving Tree is returning this year! Might you be able to purchase a gift for a child in need this year? Details will be forthcoming.

Sharing our Community Resources

Last night I was at church late, the last person in the building. I was getting ready to turn off the lights in the Community Center when I paused for a moment and thought about all of the activity the room had seen that evening. 

There were a few beads and bits of glitter strewn about the room, and I smiled to myself thinking about all the fun that the girl scouts had had there earlier that evening. There’s a whole gaggle of little girls that flock to the Center each Thursday night at 6, and last night they were making Thanksgiving crafts. From my office I could hear their loud chatter and giggly voices filling the air as they constructed their works of art.

Then, after the girl scouts had gone, our youth group kids descended upon the room. We played tag and improv-ed a few acting scenes, amidst fits of laughter and goofiness.

As I switched off the lights for the night, putting the room to bed for the evening, the joy that had filled this place rested in the smile on my face. What a gift to know that our building is building community and contributing to the well-being of both church folks and Potsdam residents alike.

I dare say God was smiling with me last night.   

Giving Thanks for our Church,
Pastor Katrina