News for the Church, 2/11/22

Good Day to you, Church!

Are you enjoying these milder temps? I love watching the icicles hanging from the roof as they drip…drip…drip. It’s a sure sign that the harshest part of winter is now past us! 

Here’s the news for the week: 

Back in the Building

I hope to see some of your smiling eyes in person for worship this Sunday! As usual, we will be gathering at 10 am. 

Baby Amani

If you haven’t heard, Joanina and her husband Chris gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this last week! Congratulations to them both, and also to Auntie Juster. 

That said, I got a note from Dave Wells a couple days ago asking for prayers for Amani because she had been taken to the ICU. Apparently, doctors haven’t been able to determine what the problem is, but whatever is wrong is improving a little (as of yesterday). Please be in prayer for this sweet baby girl, her parents, and for her entire extended family in Kenya. 

Schabergs are Moving South!

After many months of preparation and effort, the Schabergs have sold their house here in Potsdam and will be permanently moving down south this coming spring. We at the Potsdam Church are, of course, saddened to be saying goodbye, but we are excited for them to move into this next exciting chapter of their lives. Let’s plan to have a celebration with them before they leave! 

Rev. Shaun to preach Feb. 27

Rev. Shaun will be joining us for worship later this month. 

Annual Congregational Meeting

For those who didn’t attend last Sunday, our zoom congregational meeting went off without a hitch. I appreciated that so many people attended. Thank you for showing up for your church!

Winter Blues??

Friends, as we move into the middle of February, this is the time of year when many people start to get the winter blues. Are you feeling a lag of energy? Feeling glum? Having a harder time sleeping? Finding yourself getting frustrated more often? 

When we get cabin fever the world starts to look a little duller, but there are things we can do to lift our spirits. One of the best ways to find peace with this time of year is to get outside. Go on a ski, make a snow angel in the backyard, or take the grandkids sledding! For some of us these aren’t realistic possibilities, but there are always options if you’re willing to get a little creative. If you can’t go on a ski, can you take a walk on a quiet road? If you can’t take a walk, can you take a country drive and enjoy the beauty of the world covered in snow? If you can’t take a drive, it’s always possible to sit in the sunshine of a slightly cracked window, and take in some deep breaths of the cool winter air. Finding ways to create joy in the midst of what makes us crazy is life-giving. 

And there are other more whimsical ways to enjoy living right now too. Christa Lyon, a member of the Canton Presbyterian Church, celebrates the winter blues each year by hauling a lawn chair and a beach umbrella out to the back yard, dressing up in the most colorful summer get-up she can pull together, and inviting friends to join her for a summer cocktail in the snow. 

What can you do this week to bring some joy to the land of the February Blues?! If you come up with a great idea, email me and tell me about it. I’ll buy a chocolate bar for anyone who finds something whimsical to do and shares the story of their adventure with me! 🙂 

Take care of yourself this week, 
Pastor Katrina