News for the Church, 5/12/23

A Glorious Mid-May Day to you, Church! 

Today I am out on the back porch being serenaded by calling cardinals, chattering chickadees, trilling thrushes, and staring in wonder at the magic of cottonwood tree fluff filling the air. What a glorious day, indeed! 

Here’s the news for the week: 

Senior Recognition Sunday this Week

Our students have worked so hard this semester, and I can’t wait to celebrate some of their accomplishments. This Sunday we will be celebrating with Juster, Levi, and Terrence for graduating from college, high school, and grad school respectively! 

Jeff Mitchell to preach, Sunday, May 21st

I will be off next week. I’m taking a week of continuing education leave to participate in the Festival of Homiletics (a dweeby conference for pastors who love the art of preaching)! Thankfully, our delightful lay preacher will be filling the pulpit in my stead. Thank you, Jeff! 

Pentecost Sunday, May 28th

Two weeks from this Sunday, remember to wear your cheeriest red dress or shirt to church. Pentecost is coming! 

June 4– Membership Class 

A reminder to those taking the class– our first membership class will be held Sunday, June 4th following worship. 

Roof Work Is Completed! 

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Jack and George wrapped up their work yesterday on the roof, and ended their time with us by filling in all of the tire-ruts with topsoil that their 66′ lift left behind in the grass. What a wonderful day for our church building and grounds! 

(p.s. After the interior sanctuary work is completed this November, we will have a BIG party to celebrate these major accomplishments!)

Missing Communion Linens

Did someone take home communion linens after church one Sunday and forget to bring them back? Sharon Pickard has noted that a set of linens have grown legs and walked off. If you happen to have them, bring them back and you will be rewarded with cookies! 

Celebrating with the Mitchells

Jeff and Susan Mitchell have been bouncing around from temporary living situation to temporary living situation for over two years now, and this last week they finally found a home to call their own! They will be moving into their new house in June, and we are thrilled for them. Welcome home Mitchells! 

Prayers for DJ Jones

DJ lost his beloved cat Stormy this week to illness. Some of you who have very special pets realize what a devastating loss this can be. Please be in prayer for DJ, as he grieves the death of his closest family member. 

Loving Our Church 

I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying our church community right now. I had the most wonderful time with you at last week’s potluck/communion meal, and worship has been extra meaningful lately. I appreciate how much you care about one another, and I can tell that you too are finding worship meaningful. After many years of struggle, are you noticing the joy and positive energy that now exists in our congregation? 

Being Silly– the Need for Play

Last night we gathered together youth group once again. The six of us walked down to Scoops for ice cream and then meandered over to Ives Park to play. Our young people ran, skipped, played tag, threw rocks into the river, played with a puppy, and squealed with laughter. 

Since I work part-time for the church, I also tutor math for kids with learning disabilities. Today was a particularly menacing day with algebra for my 15-year old student, so we decided to cut some of the tension by being silly. We spoke algebra with a French accent, and can I tell ya– it was hilarious! All of a sudden, something that seemed overwhelming and impossible became humorous and then…. possible! 

We grown-ups take life far too seriously, don’t we? We forget the power of play and the strength in silliness. Any time I spend time with teenagers, however, I am reminded about the importance of taking time to be goofy, to explore, and play

This week I challenge you to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord!” Sing a silly song, try on a French accent while doing something challenging, or throw a rock into the Raquette and revel in the splash. 

Nehemiah knew what he was talking about when he said, “the joy of the Lord gives us strength!” It truly is our super-power. 

Living foot-loose and fancy free in God’s joy,
Pastor Katrina